Blockchaincon Latam Announces Strategic Partnership with Blockchain Jungle 2023: Uniting to Drive Latin America’s Blockchain Revolution

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San José, Costa Rica – In its ongoing commitment to positioning Costa Rica as a central node in the global blockchain network, Blockchain Jungle proudly announces its strategic partnership with Blockchaincon Latam, Latin America’s premier blockchain and crypto meeting. The partnership aims to amplify the collective efforts of both events in accelerating the adoption, education, and development of blockchain technology in the region.

Why This Partnership Matters:

Blockchain Jungle, the Costa Rican blockchain extravaganza focused on integrating technology and sustainability, and Blockchaincon Latam, the significant gathering emphasizing the future of Web3 in Latin America, have synergistic goals. Both conferences are dedicated to fostering a sustainable technological revolution, promoting education, facilitating networking opportunities, and building a stronger, inclusive blockchain community.

Diverse Thought Leadership:

Blockchain Jungle 2023, set to be held in San José, has already garnered international attention with its stellar speaker lineup, including blockchain pioneers like Nick Szabo and Cathy Hackl. In contrast, Blockchaincon Latam, scheduled for 2024, promises insightful discussions from over 60 experts hailing from countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and the U.S., amongst others. By partnering, both events amplify the wealth of knowledge, insights, and experiences available to attendees.

A Unified Vision for Latin America:

With Peru ranking among the top 20 nations for digital asset adoption and Costa Rica’s ambitious goals to be a blockchain leader, Latin America is positioned to be a global force in the blockchain arena. This partnership signifies the united vision of both conferences: to propel Latin America to the forefront of blockchain innovation and sustainable tech development.

What’s Next?

As part of the partnership, attendees of Blockchain Jungle can anticipate exclusive insights into Blockchaincon Latam’s activities, including hands-on workshops, NFT galleries, and networking opportunities. Simultaneously, Blockchaincon Latam participants will gain a deeper understanding of Costa Rica’s initiatives in bridging technology and sustainability.

Furthermore, Blockchain Jungle attendees can avail of special ticket rates for Blockchaincon Latam and vice versa, allowing blockchain enthusiasts to benefit from both groundbreaking events without breaking the bank.

In the words of Renzo Trujillo, CEO of Blockchaincon Latam, “This partnership will generate a significant impact on the local Web3 ecosystem.” Together, these two powerhouse events will pave the way for a sustainable technological future, ensuring that Latin America remains at the epicenter of blockchain advancement.

On the other hand, Iyari Rojas, CSO of Blockchaincon Latam, commented: “It’s an honor for us to collaborate with Blockchain Jungle, an event that shares our passion for driving blockchain technology and sustainability forward. By joining forces, we reinforce Latin America’s commitment to a more innovative and sustainable future in the blockchain sector. Together, we are stronger and can make the region stand out in the global blockchain landscape!”

About Blockchain Jungle: Blockchain Jungle 2023 aims to position Costa Rica as a global blockchain hub by integrating advanced technologies and sustainability. The event will feature interactive workshops, keynote talks, and cultural celebrations.

About Blockchaincon Latam: Blockchaincon Latam 2023, scheduled for June 8-10, seeks to be the most significant Web3 meeting in Latin America, addressing pivotal aspects of the blockchain realm, from NFTs to decentralized finance.

For more information on this partnership, ticket bookings, or any other inquiries, please visit Blockchain Jungle or Blockchaincon Latam

By uniting forces, Blockchain Jungle and Blockchaincon Latam are poised to shape the future of blockchain in Latin America, promising a greener, more innovative, and inclusive tomorrow..